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I am a seasoned professional who has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 35 years. I have known and worked with Tal Guber on numerous occasions in my career and I highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable and customer focused.

Lou Camilletti
Global Strategic Procurement Manager, BioSpectra Inc

Wide range of Brominating & Chlorinating agents


Pazchem is a sincere and considerate partner. You deserve to be fully satisfied from expert services and timely revert

Elim Liu
Regen Chemical Sales Manager

World leaders on Boron chemistry

Boron Tribromide

Great customer service and technical knowledge. I pleasure to do business with.

Stu Gelbard
President, Barrington Nutritionals

A serious company, dependable, extremely reliable personnel and very customer oriented. Very trustworthy!

Yves Garcia
North America Sales Manager

Customer oriented, Very professional, high quality products, timely - Strongly recommended

Muki Cohen
Director, Marketing and Sales Specialty Minerals ICL